3rd February 2015

Road Traffic Collision | Treatments For Road Traffic Accident

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Penarth Osteopathic Practice are here to help your recovery from a road traffic accident

‘Road traffic collision related injuries’ is a termed used to describe the mechanism of an injury rather than the type of injury itself.

As such it can occur at any joint in the body, but is most often seen in the cervical and lumbar spines.

At the time of impact, especially in rear end shunts the person is thrown forwards and then “whips” backwards as the momentum of the accident lifts their upper body forwards while the pelvis is left behind.

The injury can be further complicated if the impact is either at an angle or the person has their head or upper body rotated at the point of impact.

This mode of injury mainly causes soft tissue injuries, but can on occasion result strain to the cervical spine or pelvis which are known to build up over a few days.

Osteopathy has been shown to help with these associated disorders through the relief of muscle tensions and the prescription of gentle rehabilitation exercises to help the body return to normal and relieve the pain of the injury.

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