3rd February 2015

Neck Pain, Neck Problems And Osteopathy

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Neck pain is a common problem that can be treated effectively with osteopathy. This holistic treatment is the perfect solution for the aches, pain, and stiffness you may be experiencing. Osteopathy for neck pain includes alleviating pain and discomfort now as well as taking measures to prevent neck pain in the future.

neck-pain-problemsThe neck or cervical spine is more commonly affected now than a generation ago; this is partly because we spend far longer sitting at computers,  for example, without moving around.

Why Do We Get Neck Pain?

Stiffness, soreness, and pain can result from muscle strains and injuries to the neck. Pain in the back of the neck can be caused by spending long periods of time sitting at a computer. In addition to spending long hours at a computer, back of neck pain may be caused by poor posture or trauma like whiplash. People can get neck strain from a fall or from carrying something heavy, especially if the heavy object is held by only one hand like a suitcase.

Occupation Related Neck Pains

Certain occupations can lead to neck pain. The pain may be caused by posture during the job or job-related stress. The stress causes people to tense the muscles of their neck and back. People with stressful jobs who tend to carry tension in their necks may end up with chronic neck pain. Police officers often experience stress-related neck pain.

A job may require positioning of the neck that strains the muscles. Sitting for long periods of time seems safe, but holding the neck in the same position for the whole day can lead to ongoing problems with neck pain. This is why neck pain is a common complaint for administrative assistants and truck drivers.

Neck Pain From Sleeping

Unnatural positioning of the head and neck during sleep can cause a person to wake up with unexpected pain and tension in the side or back of the neck. Muscle stiffness, headaches, impaired range of motion, and pain in the shoulders or arms may accompany the neck soreness. Whatever the cause of the pain, an osteopath can identify the problem and provide holistic, non-invasive treatment.

Can An Osteopath Help Treat My Neck Strain Problem?

When meeting with an osteopath for neck strain/pain problem for the first time, the osteopath will palpate the area and diagnose the condition. Osteopathic treatments may include massage and manipulation of the neck. The osteopath will discuss what to expect during the neck pain treatment.

Osteopathic treatment can help to reduce the strain and tension through the cervical spine (neck) and muscles of the neck and shoulders, and the Osteopath will aim to correct any poor postural habits and/or give ergonomical advice to help people carry on with their lifestyles without risking the same mechanical problems/pain.

Prevention For Neck Strain

neck-pain-osteopathyPrevention of more problems is a key component of osteopathy. If the person experiencing neck pain tends to spend hours in front of a computer, this activity weakens the muscles of the neck. Neck pain may be aggravated by poor posture. The osteopath may recommend changes that can help prevent neck pain without interfering with the person’s lifestyle.

Strengthening and stretching exercises may be recommended to help prevent neck pain. The osteopath also may suggest certain changes in posture and give ergonomic advice so the person is working with their natural, physical limitations instead of putting unnecessary strain on the body.

Osteopathy neck pain treatment is your road to health and wellness and an end to aches and pain.

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