3rd February 2015

Ankle and Foot Problems

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Ankle and Foot Osteopathic Treatment

Penarth Osteopathic Practice are here to help ease your foot and ankle issues with osteopathic treatment.

The ankle and the foot take a lot of strain when walking and running, and as such they are prone to many problems, such as from an abnormal gait or inappropriate pressure upon specific joints.

osteopathic foot treatmentThe foot and ankle are usually able to cope with these problems for a while, but could get to a point where they become overloaded or an injury causes more specific damage.

As a result of  falls, strains and sprains of the ankle can occur which may then require further intervention.

Osteopathic treatment of the foot and ankle will help to reduce specific restrictions through the foot, but by also helping improve overall balance and foot control falls may be less likely to occur again.

Exercises to help with pain in the Achilles tendon have been shown to reduce the pain as it helps the tendinopathy heal and return normal function to the ankle.

Limping as the result of an ankle or foot problem for extended periods of time have been shown to cause an abnormal gait at the knee, hip and lumbar spine which can then lead to problems further up the biomechanical chain. 

As a result of this resolving the problem with the feet and ankle is essential to maintain a normal gait.

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